Meet Author @bekalombardo and Her #Memoir, It’s Not Your Journey #BookPromo #Books

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It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca Lombardo. I met her a few weeks ago and she is one of the strongest women I have had the pleasure to meet. She’s struggled with mental illness for over two decades and her debut release, It’s Not Your Journey, is her story. She doesn’t consider herself a survivor but a warrior and I agree with her 100%. So, grab your favorite beverage and get to know the Rebecca Lombardo. Take it away, Beka:

  • What do you consider your best accomplishment?

Honestly, at this point I am extremely proud that I am still here.  After more than 23 years struggling with mental illness, and surviving a suicide attempt in 2013, I’ve had to fight every day just to be here.

  • Have you always liked to write?

Yes, as long as I can remember.  I can recall writing my first story in…

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