Is there an end to this fight?

Will the winner lurk in the shadows?

Does the game ever end?

Because I’m drowning in the shallows

If I close my eyes and try to find an answer to these riddles

I lose all hope I once had, however little

I’m a doormat, a punching bag, a waste of time, a failure

Every day it’s something new and I can’t find my savior

If I take one wrong step, I’m afraid I’ll fall apart

I can’t stand many more jabs straight to my heart

What I allowed to continue, beat me down to nothing

I didn’t choose you to be my family, but I can choose something

I’ve chosen for you to exit my life

There will be no returning

You’ve burned your last bridge and this fire will burn forever

Just remember we had a lifetime to spend together

She’s up there watching you and she knows what you’ve done

Believe me when I say, she’s not the only one

You’re a waste of my time and a drain on my energy

I have none to spare and I will show no mercy

So, I’ll say goodbye to you for the very last time

Funny, as I write this, not a single tear escapes from my eyes


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